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Welcome To Our "Counter Culture"

As Oklahomans and as Americans, we all benefit greatly from the culture that has been passed down to us by the Native Americans, and the buffalo has long been an important symbol. Native Americans revere this majestic creature because each part of the animal could be used to make their lives better. Its significance in the culture and ceremonies of the tribes who live in Oklahoma caused it to be chosen as the State Animal in 1972.

Even more significant in many cultures is the white buffalo, a symbol of promise and a sign that great prosperity is soon to come. In Altus, OK, hometown of the very first White Buffalo Coffee Bar, legend has it that a White Buffalo was buried near the community to protect Altus Air Force Base from severe weather.

The White Buffalo strives to live up to the significance of this symbol in everything we do. We are committed to being a positive impact on every community we serve. It starts by providing the best service and the highest quality to our customers. But our commitment to community extends even to where we locate which is why we often renovate old building to give them new life.

We strive to deliver a consistently high-quality hand-crafted product at an affordable price in an expedient manner, all the while providing our customers the best customer service in our industry. In short, we are counter cultural. We believe in service, high standards, and putting others before ourselves, and that is the culture you will find at our counter and beyond. We are building community thorugh business, and we strive to bless the lives of the people we serve just like our beloved buffalo has done for generations.

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Est. 2017


Jeremy and Jessica started the first White Buffalo Coffee Bar in Altus, OK. 



Est. 2017

Altus Manager

DeAnna has been with us since 2017, starting with us as a barista before moving her way up to become a manager of our Altus locations - and a great one at that! DeAnna’s positive energy and kindness are infectious, and she really has created a work environment that feels like family.



Est. 2022

Manager in Elk City, Weatherford and Clinton

Starting in April 2022 to be an area manager, Holly has become an integral part of the team in the time she's been with us. Always going above and beyond to ensure that we have everything we need to succeed, Holly is the backbone of these 3 locations!



Est. 2021

Operations Manager



Est. 2020

Lawton Manager

Sierra started as a barista at our Lawton location before rising through the ranks to become an integral part of our management team. What really sets Sierra apart is her amazing positive energy, and the way we know her staff and the rest of the management team love being around her upbeat attitude... it truly is contagious!


Est. 2020

Director of HR

Allow us to introduce you to someone who keeps our ship sailing smoothly behind the scenes - our beloved "Chaos Manager," Katie! As our HR/Office Manager, she takes care of everything from onboarding to payroll, ensuring that our team is supported and our operations run seamlessly.



Est. 2022

Marketing Specialist

Amanda has been with us since 2021, and has long since been an essential team member. 

Starting in March 2022 Trinity joined the team as our Marketing Specialist and has been with us ever since. She keeps up with every aspect of marketing, digital and physical, and has a ton of fun being creative.

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